The field of the expertise of the Institute covers the application of modern mathematics to seismology and adjacent Earth Sciences. Taking advantage on traditional interest of Soviet "pure" mathematicians to the applied problems, the Institute is build up on the direct involvement of the world-class mathematicians like L. Kantorovich (Nobel Prize for economy), I. Gelfand, Ya. Sinai and their schools.

Institute is known for pioneering results in the fields of earthquake prediction, seismic risk, verification of compliance to nuclear test ban treaty, structure of the Earth exploration of mineral deposits, signal processing, wave propagation, geophysical fluid dynamics, magnetic dynamo.

Most recent is the application of the concept of chaos to the dynamics of the lithosphere. This approach led to development of earthquake prediction algorithms, and to a new understanding of instability of large system in general; potential applications range from geological disasters to megacities and socio-economic systems.

Since 1960 the faculty of the Institute maintained cooperation with the leading research institutions from more than 20 countries. The Institute participates in many international projects and conducts annual international workshops on mathematical geophysics and earthquake prediction.

Institute has 122 employees, among them 12 Professors and D.Sc., 43 Ph.D., 48 University graduates.

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