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Creating Database
Main window.

The main window contains menu and toolbar ( see Menu and ToolBar), the list of seismic records, and console.

1. List of seismic records.
The list of seismic records is a tree view frame which can be edited. Check on or check off the check boxes to include correspondent items in the data base, or exclude them.

Each item in the list if seismic records (Value column) has color indicator to the right of it's check box. Those color indicators are defined as:
   green  - the item with all subitems are acceptable to be included in the data base;
   yellow - the item contains different acceptable subitems and user can change default the default selection;
   blue -  the station name is duplicated in the list. Check off all duplicates; 
   red - the item with all subitems it is not acceptable to include in data base;

The value list column of each item (not record item) contains:
   checkable box  which can be in an expanded (subitems are visible) or collapsed (subitems are hidden) state;
   checkable box which is checked on for acceptable item or check off  for not acceptable;
   color indicator;
   item name.

The property list column  contains the subitem name and the number of subitems.
Net      - network codes (See Technical Notes )
Loc   - location identifier (See Technical Notes )
Hang -  azimuth of component direction.
Vang -   angle between component direction and the outward-pointing vertical direction.

The record item:

Rec:N  -  N is the number of seismic record fragments,;
   Time interval   - [ fragment start time (counting from the event time), fragment end time];
   Duration   - duration of fragment,
   Delay        - time delay of the fragment with respect to the end time of preceding fragment,
                       for the first fragment – with respect to the event time.
   Dt              - time step,
   N samples - number of samples.

2. Console.
 The console is output informaion frame where program writes the errors of station information and protocols of running programs which create data base. Errors of station information are following: Z component doesn't exist, one of horizontal components doesn't exist, wrong  component orientations. Every error is indicated in correspondent
line of Property column.

3. Data base creation.

Click the button (Run project) - The data base will be created.

4. Saving of the project.

Click the button (Save the project to disk) to save the project-file under current name.

Click the button (Save the project under a new name) to save the project-file under new name.

Creating Database

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