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Creating Database

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- Generate a new project. Menu option is Project->New and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+N.

- Open an existing project. Menu option is Project->Open and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+O.

- Edit an opened project. Menu option is Project->Edit and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+E.

- Run project. Menu option is Project->Run and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+R.

- Save the project to disk. Menu option is Project->Save and keyboard shortcut is Ctr+S.

- Save the project under a new name. Menu option is Project->Save As ...

- Exit the application. Menu option is Project->Exit and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Q.

- Zoom in. Menu option is View-> Zoom In and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl++.

- Zoom out. Menu option is View->Zoom Out and keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+-.

- Info. Displays a simple yellow message box under cursor about general input information. Push this button to get information in info message box.

- Help->Content and keyboard shortcut is F1.

- Help->What's This? Provides a single window with an explanatory text that pops up when the user asks "What's this?" When you push this button or push keyboard buttons Shift + F1 the cursor changed to and you can click on any toolbar button to obtain its help text.

Help->About - Displays a simple message box about DbCreator program.

Help->About Qt - Displays a simple message box about Qt C++ tool kit.

Creating Database

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