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Creating Database


Detailed data base description can be found at http://www.passcal.nmt.edu/software/datascope/datascope.html .
The Dbase output directory contains data base. Lets data base name is dbase and  Dbase is the data base directory.
    Dbase directory contains following directories and files:
    response/ - instrument response directory  
If input records was decimated to 1&10 seconds than output records are in directories:
    wf_l/        - binary time series files directory (1 count per second)
    wf_v/        - binary time series files directory (1 count per 10 second)
If the data base contains time series with original sampling  than output records is in directory
    wf/ - binary time series files directory

    Frequency-time analysis and source inversion programs use following data base tables mentioned below.

 If input records was decimated to 1&10 seconds:
    "dbase_l.wfdisc"-  Waveform file header and descriptive information. This table provides a pointer (or index) to waveforms stored in wf_l/ directory.
    "dbase_v.wfdisc"- This table provides a pointer  to waveforms stored in wf_v/ directory.

If data base contains time series with original sampling:
    "dbase.wfdisc"- This table provides a pointer  to waveforms stored on wf directory.

    "dbase.instrument" -  calibration information about a station. This table serves three purposes.  It holds nominal one-frequency calibration factors for each instrument.  It holds pointers to the nominal frequency-dependent calibration for an instrument.  Finally, it holds pointers to the exact calibrations obtained by direct measurement on a particular instrument.  See sensor. 
    "dbase.site"- Station location information. Site names and describes a point on the earth where seismic measurements are made ( e.g.  the location of a seismic instrument or array).  It contains information that normally changes infrequently, such as location.  In addition, site contains fields to describe the offset of a station relative to an array reference location.  Global data integrity implies that the sta/ondate in site be consistent with the sta/chan/ondate in sitechan. 
    "dbase.sensor"-  Specific calibration information for physical channels. This table provides a record of updates in the calibration factor or clock error of each instrument, and links a sta/chan/time to a complete instrument response in the relation instrument. 
    "dbase.sitechan"- Station-channel information.This relation describes the orientation of a recording channel at the site referenced by sta.  This relation provides information about the various channels (e.g.  sz, lz, iz ) that are available at a station and maintains a record of the physical channel configuration at a site. 
    "dbase.origin" - Data on event time, location and magnitude.
Creating Database

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