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Distribution of Fmt package.

Fmt package works under Linux operating systems.
Fmt package exists in two forms, i.e., the precompiled and source codes. The package has been tested on operational system Linux  Fedora Core 6,7,8. The package works under following system components: KDE windows manager, gcc 4.x.x , X11R7, shell csh, gnumake.

Installation package consists of  several  tar archives:

   I. Precompiled Package:
    1. Dsap
        dsapLinux.tar.gz - Data Base DB DATASCOPE .
      (for details see http://www.passcal.nmt.edu/software/datascope/datascope.html )
      Package was made under operating  system solaris-Unix in 1998.
      We adapted it for Linux.
    2.  Ftan
         DbFtanBinLinux_1_40.tar.gz -  Frequency-Time Analysis program
     3. Momtens
        MomTensBinLinux_1_40.tar.gz  , MomTensDataLinux.tar.gz - Moment Tensor & Source Depth Inversion
     4.  Gmt
        gmt3.4.Linux.tar.gz    : The Generic Mapping Tools
        It is recommended to use this tar for GMT installation.
        (for description of GMT  see http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/)
  II. Source code
     1. Ftan
       DbFtanSource_1_40.tar.gz  - Frequency-Time Analysis program (source codes only)
     2. Momtens
        MomTensSource_1_40.tar.gz - Moment Tensor program (source codes only)
     3. Dsap - version 3.4
         dsapLinux.tar.gz - Data Base DB DATASCOPE .

     Following  free software must be installed  on your computer:
- version 1.90
      It is recommended to use our tar archive Vc++
      (The package can be downloaded also from http://www.objectcentral.com/objectcentral/index.html)
Gmt  - version 3.4  
        It is recommended to use this tar for GMT installation.
Qt  - the current stable version.
       Trolltech - Cross-platform C++ GUI Development, and Embedded Linux Solutions http://www.trolltech.com
      Download from http://trolltech.com/developer/downloads/qt/x11
Qwt - version 5.10      
        Qwt is Qt windows for technical applications including a 2D plot widget.
F2C -  utility for F2C
   http://www.llnl.gov/casc/Overture/henshaw/software/f2c.tar.gz  ,
fort77 -   Fortran to C convertor
We adapted F2C and fort77 it for our package .

III. Documentation
       FmtDoc_1_40.tar.gz          -  Package Manuals in html   format
       Ftan_man.pdf                     -  Data base creation and Ftan Manual in pdf  format
       MomTens_man.pdf            -  Momtens Manual in pdf  format


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