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Waves overlap
 Input data.

   1. The program readsrecords and all the information concerning stations from Database generated  from SEED files. In the exampleconsidered in the section "From SEED to Database" all these data are collected in the  directory "/opt/fmt/example/DB.EX/DBE_IRIS_GEOSCOPE".

  2. Information of events hasto be prepared as a catalog ASCII file. Every row in this file contains following 11 parameterscharacterizing an earthquake:
   97 : 10 : 15   00 : 12 : 25.390   42.771   13   010    0.00    0.00
Here the numbers are:year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds, latitude, longitude, source depth,  Mb magnitude, and Ms magnitude. The number of spaces between parameters and semicolons may be any.

  3. Use program Fmtcat2origin to prepare DB origin table. 
Usage: Fmtcat2origin cat_file dbRootname [-auth author] 
where cat_file - the catalog ASCIIfile, dbRootname - the name of db origin table without any extension, author -  theauthor name, for example the name of the user.

Waves overlap

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