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Filtering by FTAN  program
1. Introduction.

    The program FTAN was designed for processing of  seismic  surface  waves  records by methods of spectral and frequency-time analysis. It is a Colorado University product designed by Prof. A. L. Levshin with his assistants and students. The program uses input data in CSS Datascope format. The output of program is also CSS formatted database containing cleared wave forms. It's possible to export output cleared wave forms in AH or ASCII formats.
    Program FTAN works under control of "Ftan control panel" program named ftan. Using ftan program you define input data, processing parameters, start FTAN as external program, and communicate with it.

    FTAN code  is a fortran code. Program ftan is  a C++ code using Qt C++ toolkit for multiplatform Graphic User Interface and application development.

Filtering by FTAN  program

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