Computational Seismology and Geodynamics
Volume 5 Contents


A. T. Ismail-Zadeh, R. Nicolich, and L. Chemobory Modeling of the Ionian basin formation: Deep processes and tectonic evolution
p.1-12   Abstract

P. A. Sobolev and D. V. Rundquist Seismicity on mid-oceanic ridges: A global geodynamic analysis.
p.13-19   Abstract

Forward Problems in Mathematical Physics

A. N. Kuznetsov On reducing the order of the Rayleigh system. I. General theory
p.20-27   Abstract

A. N. Kuznetsov and V. M. Markushevich On reducing the order of Rayleigh system. II. Cases of reduction
p.28-35   Abstract

L. M. Rozenknop and E. L. Reznikov On free oscillations of a rotating viscous liquid outer core of the Earth
p.36-42   Abstract

L. M. Rozenknop, E. N. Bessonova, and E. L. Reznikov Variational approach to the problem of free oscillations of the Earth
p.43-59   Abstract

. . Podvigina Steady solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
p.60-65   Abstract

Inverse Problems in Geophysics

N. N. Novikova and G. M. Henkin On reconstructing density distribution of horizontally homogeneous liquid through wavenumbers and amplitudes of progressing surface waves.
p.66-73   Abstract

M. L. Gerver Advances in the classical travel-time inversion problem.
p.74-83   Abstract

B. V. Digas, V. I. Maksimov, B. G. Bukchin, and A. V. Lander On an Algorithm for solving the inverse problem of ray seismics
p.84-92   Abstract

V. E. Fedorov Vibrosounding of the uppermost sea bottom by ship noise.
p.93-103   Abstract

Seismicity Models

D. Vere-Jones Probabilities and information gain for earthquake forecasting
p.104-114   Abstract

V.M. Gertzik Strange attractor and clustering of shocks in the spring-block model with healing
p.115-121   Abstract