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Data Base
 Frequency-time analysis program
 Moment Tensor & Source Depth Inversion Program
(FMT package)
Reference Manual
by  Boris G. Bukchin, Alexei A. Egorkin,Alexander Z. Mostinskiy
International Institute for Earthquake  Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics

Surface waves processing & seismic source inversion Web site is located at:  http://www.mitp.ru/soft/index.html
 Comments and questions address to Alexander  Mostinskiy  mostinsk@mitp.ru

          FMT package runs under Linux operational system. It includes following components: Data Base, DbCreator, FTAN , and MomTens
Data Base is a package of programs designed by Daniel Quinlan (IRIS corporation( http://www.passcal.nmt.edu/software/datascope/datascope.html ).
 Practically all the program components described on these pages are using this package.
        DbCreator is a program for creating data base of seismograms for further processing by FTAN program.
       Frequency-time analysis program FTAN performs floating filtering of seismograms.  It is a Colorado  University product designed by Prof. A. L. Levshin, Prof.  M. Ritzwoller , and their  assistants  and students. Program FTAN works under control of "Ftan control panel" program named ftan. Using ftan program you define input data, processing parameters, start FTAN as external program, and communicate with it.
      Moment Tensor & Source Depth Inversion Program (MomTens) retrieves seismic source parameters  from long period surface wave spectra and P wave polarity data. The theoretical basis of the method we use is given in the Appendix .  The program MomTens uses records of surface wave modes
isolated by FTAN program.

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