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VII. ECP News.

6  March 2008

Now the user may write down User defined TEXT output and in 7.3 Select subcatalog Import the file with coordinates of polygon for search.

14 January 2008

The ECP package  version 1.3.0
The design of  The Project Wizard is improved. It was made anew on the basis of  Qt 4.3 class QWizard .
Some tools and their dialogs are improved. Specifically,
Respective alterations have been brought in the description of the ECP package

10 November 2007

The ECP package  version 1.2.4.
ECP package was tested at the Abdus Salam ICTP Ninth Workshops on Nonlinear Dynamics and Earthquake Prediction on exercises. Some  bugs was found and fixed.
The package was installed on Mandriva Linux and Mac OS X platforms.
The  web page of  ECP pakage was put on the MITPAN web site.

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